1 Kungu Street

1 Kungu Street

(our realized project)


Location: in the centre of Townhall Square (sole private building), the site of the Townhall of Riga and of the Blackhead House, the most visited monument in the Baltics.


The building was built in 2001 by a project of architect Zane Kalinka on the base of the historical Kamarin House. After the building was acquired in 2010, Baltic RE Group carried out extensive renovation and repair works, making use of high-quality finishing materials, and recovering for the retail use extensive areas in the basement and on the 2nd floor. In 2011, the building facade was redone and illuminated. Currently, the Issuer submitted to the relevant authorities a project to extend the leasable area of the building by creating new premises in the attic and modifying existing technical spaces.


The building is fully powered by green electricity, whose production process uses entirely renewable energy resources.


The building is the headquarter of the Financial and Capital Market Commission (FKTK); another significant tenant is Costa Coffee, a worldwide recognized international coffee shop chain.

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