25 Raina Boulevard

25 Raina Boulevard

(owned and managed)


Location: it starts on crossing to Krisjana Valdemara Street and ends on crossing to 13. Janvara Street, Marijas Street and Gogola Street. The office building is situated in the very heart of Riga city. Infrastructure of the community is highly developed - public transport, shops and governmental institutions. The building is facing the City Channel and the Old Riga, one of the most vigorous pedestrian and tourist areas situated within 5 minutes’ walk from the Monument of Freedom and the Station Square.


The building was built in 1974, in soviet times as a 7-storey building. Olgerts Ostenbergs, the Chief Architector, designed the building in 1965. Engineers J.Melnis, J.Nelke and constructor A.Vendelins also contributed to development of the project. The design was approved on 1966.05.04.


Construction was launched in 1968 and completed on 25.12.1972, while interior works continued in 1973.


In 2021 Baltic RE Group ensured a complete renovation of the building in cooperation with the Italian architect Adriano Castiglioni. While renovating the building, Baltic RE Group followed the company’s strategic focus on sustainability and person-centered approach, introducing the latest technological solutions to meet the best environmental and human wellbeing standards. 


The building is fully powered by green energy generated from the local renewable energy resources, and it meets the energy efficiency requirements. The premises are equipped with the latest generation centralized drinking water system to grant the highest level of water purification, powerful air recovery equipment, UVC lamps, and air ionizators, limiting the risks of spreading viruses and allergens. The electric charges for cars have been installed outside the building and a bicycle storage has been created inside the building to support sustainable mobility. The comfort of tenants will be ensured outside the building in a cozy urban garden in front of the building, covering the area with green plants and giving employees an area outside the building to relax and have a break. 


The whole building is leased out to a single tenant – Printful Latvia, the first Latvian unicorn company. It is an on-demand printing and fulfillment company that helps people turn their ideas into brands and products.

Technical data

  • Gross Building Area: 4 367.04 m2
  • Total Internal Area: 3 933.39 m2
  • Leasable area: 4367.04 m2
  • Lift: 1

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