1 Kungu Street

(managed)   Location: in the centre of Townhall Square (sole private building), the site of the Townhall of Riga and ...

6 Kalku Street

(owned and managed)   Location: 6 Kaļķu Street, prime location in the busiest pedestrian and tourist area. This corner ...

12 Kalku Street

(managed)   Location: 12-14 Kaļķu Street is composed of two different buildings in an extraordinary retail location, ...

15 Kalku Street

(managed)   Location: at 15 Kaļķu Street, a prime location in the busiest pedestrian and tourist area. This corner ...

19 Skunu Street

(owned and managed)   Location: this corner building faces Dome Square and is the only private building on the square; ...

2 Kramu Street

(owned and managed)   Location: the building faces Tirgoņu Street, one of the busiest pedestrian and tourist areas ...

16 Skunu Street

(managed)   Location: the building faces Tirgoņu Street, one of the busiest pedestrian and tourist streets which connects ...

Raina boulevard 25

(owned and managed)   Location: it starts on crossing to Krisjana Valdemara Street and ends on crossing to 13. Janvara ...

Brivibas boulevard 21

(managed) The building is situated in one of the best retail locations in Riga, prime location in the busiest pedestrian ...

Citadeles 9a

(owned and managed)   ...

Krišjāņa Barona iela 2


Baltic RE Group is an experienced investor and a professional management company, providing the following services.

Property Management
With a knowledgeable team of specialists in the management segment, Baltic RE Group provides proactive management services targeting at increased property value and net operating income, satisfied tenants and improved sustainability. Through tailored solutions and dedicated teams, Baltic RE Group identifies and facilitates value-creating measures in order to maximize the value of  properties. Baltic RE Group draws up proven and structured processes that ensure efficient and secure management.  

Technical Management
Baltic RE Group achieves and maintains the right technical standard for the properties at the right cost, while ensuring compliance with laws and regulations. By means of structured maintenance plans, Baltic RE Group keeps the properties in a good condition at a predictable cost. Operational services are procured through cost-effective service contracts. Baltic RE Group also analyzes the properties energy consumption and identifies and carries out energy optimization measures.

Strategic Property Development
Baltic RE Group has a view of property management in a broader perspective, whether it concerns offices and/or retail sites. Baltic RE Group manages the properties in order to identify solutions to meet the specific challenges and long-term objectives. Baltic RE Group, for every single project, builds a team that defines the concept of the building and its proper market positioning, covering property development, strategic retail advice and leasing according to the requirements, and if necessary Baltic RE Group also works with outside expertise.  

Legal assistance and preparation of lease agreement
Baltic RE Group provides general review and checks of existing lease agreements, as well as makes the preparation of new lease agreements, claim for tenant’s breaches and controlling lease terminations and evictions.

Linda Blūzmane
Linda Blūzmane
Office manager

Our benefits

Real estate innovative property management
Commercial Real estate focus
Long term view and highly focused vision
Solid fundamentals and potential incremental value through active real estate management
Well based internal property management
Internal record-keeping and reporting activities
Linda Blūzmane
Linda Blūzmane
Office manager